Well, folks.....this is the end. (the name of the photo is of this and thought it was fitting to post since it was one of my favorites back in the day)

I have decided that its time to wrap up this website as, not only can i no longer afford to keep thegamemaster.org anymore, but the fact is i'm tired of working on this website (which honestly i haven't worked on in a couple of years). I figure its time for me to finally retire for good. I have enjoyed doing this since the day i have started back in 1995, when i was part of geocities.com/jasonhill . This was the replacement site when Geocities went down back in 2009. I wish my interest was still there but honestly life has taken over and told me to finally put it to end and move on with it. If you do want to contact me about now or old times, my e-mail has not changed and will never change......at least till they decide to close down that is. My email is jasonhill@yahoo.com. I'm also using facebook too if you want to friend me. Also as long as Youtube is still around, you can still follow my channel

But anyways, i love you all and thanks for visiting! See you in the future! - Jason Hill